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St. Mary's Church

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There is an abandoned church in the alley called Armenia, Gazarin or Unochu Square, which is less than two centuries old. There is no information about the exact age of the building and the date of 1876, which is seen on its entrance, is related to the year that it was donated to the church.

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The length of the building is 16 meters and its width is 14 meters and the overall shape is in the form of a rectangle and its inner form is a square with four long hinges.

  • Background information

    The exact date of the construction of this church is not known, but the entrance dates back to 1876 which is related to the year it was donated to the church.
  • Specific information

    There are graves in the churchyard, with ordinary and sedimentary rocks as gravestones with crosses on them.
  • Outlook

    The ceiling of the church is covered by a brick dome which resembles an umbrella. The windows at the bottom of the dome and in the wall of the building provide light within the church. The altar of the church is located in the eastern part of the building and is decorated with decorative paintings, in the form of bergamot with green flowers and orange in the field of Azure. A little ornament is also seen at the church's doorstep.
  • More Info

    The Church of Holy Mary was built and funded by Khachatur Shahbazian The exact date of construction of this church is not known, but on its entrance is the date of 1876 (equal to 1255 solar). It was donated to the church by the family of the Mirzaiahs in memory of the Galus Mirzayan; the father this family who was an Armenian of Ardabil,: "It is the true door of God's house, which is presented to the Church of the Holy Virgin on the memorial by Agulus Milik Mirza Yansen are written on the door in Armenian.
    This church is less than 200 years old and the last religious ceremonies were held there back in 1944 and because of the immigration of Armenian families to Tabriz and Tehran it was closed down, and it was given to the cultural heritage organization of Ardabil to be restored and preserved .After reconstruction, this building was unfortunately changed and now it is used as a zurkhaneh