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Sulduz wetland Naghdeh

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Sulduz wetland is one of the ecotourism attractions of East Azarbaijan province. The Sulduz wetland is located in the northern section of Hasanlu dam drainage with a waterfall of 800 hectares in the national park of Urmia Lake.

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The city of Naghadeh has been registered in the context of the special geographical situation and natural complications with international wetlands and is due to the migration of migratory birds to the birds bird and even the birthplace of birds.

  • Specific information

    Solduz wetland is one of several wetlands in Naghadeh. The name of this wetland is taken from the name of the region that covers the entire area of Naghadeh. The total area of the lagoon is about 200 hectares and its height from the sea level is 1280 meters. The important plants that exist in this wetland are Ni, Jagan, Gaz and wildlife. If you travel there in March, it is March. There are some flamingo, white patches, legs, tangerines, anthrax and species. Some ducks and watering can be seen there

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