Sustainable Tourism & Vacation Complex

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Sustainable Tourism and Recreational Village is one of the best recreational and tourism complexes in Kerman, which has been established by the private sector in the village of Kouhpayeh and near the city of Kerman. The first phase of the Permanent Recreational Complex includes an international picnic and standard carting, artificial lake and many recreational and welfare facilities.

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: A permanent and entertaining holiday village with 16 hectares of land purchased by the state with facilities such as carting track, radio control equipment, playground, billiard club, fishing club, 30 accommodation units (villas), 16 temporary accommodation units (campers) 130 apartment villas are in operation, multi-purpose salons, 4 restaurants, cafes and a tourist site.

  • Background information

    The resting and recreational village of Mandegar was started in 2005 on an area of 9 hectares and was officially registered in 2006 with the approval of the Cultural Heritage and Building Permit from a mountainous village called Cultural Endowment.
  • Specific information

    The Cartier Pond is a leisure and recreational holiday village built by Iranian engineers and youth and has secured 32 international standards from the Italian Federation. Trained repairers are at the well-equipped workshops in this complex. There is also an advanced timer and car hangman alongside this tray. Billiards and bowling venues are considered to be other places of sport.
    This pistol, which is the most standard Middle East craft and the largest cartoon track in Iran, is the only one of the most advanced trimming and timer devices in Iran, and the standardest asphalt for the track from the most expensive carting packs in Iran.
  • More Info

    In the second phase of a land plot of 100 hectares, in the immediate vicinity of the first phase of the land of national resources allocated 40 hectares for public use in forestry. Traffic cabins, restaurant battalions, car racers are projected in the second phase of the plan.
    The access path between the first and second phases (monorail) is being implemented

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