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Tabriz BaghlarBaghi Town Hall

(13 رای)

Tabriz BaghlarBaghi Town Hall is the largest casino in Tabriz and the northwestern region of the country. The area of Tabriz's Baghlar Baghi is about 4,000 square meters and its height reaches 10 meters.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Tabriz - Shahriar Master Blvd.

At first, the Baghlar Baghi complex was usable due to the openness of the complex only in three to four months of the year, with the construction of an enclosed hangar, the possibility of using the agar equipment throughout the year will be provided.

  • Best time

    Every day, it opens at 16 o'clock and closes at 24 o'clock and many people use this park in these 8 hours.
  • Must know

    Includes various recreational facilities including Saba Ferry, train, waterfall, horror cottage, honeymoon hangar, ranger, bike, etc.
  • More Info

    Baghbar Baghi Park has bird gardens, a water park, a restaurant and a buffet.

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