Takht Soleiman Takab Flat

(10 رای)

Takht-e-Solaiman Lake, also known as the Great Soliman Thick Fountain, is the largest and the most water-filled spring in the region, which has now become one of the attractions of the West Azarbaijan.

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  • Address : West Azarbaijan Province - Takab City

Takht-e-Solomon Lake has a very cold water coming out of both the northern and southern channels. Its bicarbonate is too saturated. Lake Takht-e-Solomon is cold with cold weather in the Takab district. The temperature is constant and in the summer and winter is 21 degrees Celsius.

  • Specific information

    About the Takht-e Soleiman Takab lake, many myths are circulating in circles. For example, there is a city full of gold on the floor of the lake, where Solomon hid its treasures there. How many people, believing this myth, intended to go to the bottom of the lake but never returned. So far, several Bastaan diverts have tried to reach the bottom of the lake, but due to the depth of more than 75 meters of the lake and the sedimentation of mineral deposits, when the diver goes down, the sediments rise up and darkens the space. As a result, due to darkness, it is impossible to penetrate the lake floor.
  • Outlook

    The crater of the Takht-e Suleiman Lake is like an oval-shaped, lake. The diameter of this oval is 120 meters and its small diameter is 80 meters, and its depth reaches about 60 meters. Perhaps the span of the fountain at its inception was smaller (perhaps less than one meter), and then, due to the dissolution of the products of the travertine, it was sprayed with water containing carbonic acid, and the diameter of it gradually increased.
    Due to its high water content in the past, as well as a large amount of calcium-free calcium salts, the water of this spring, like other springs, has no chance of creating a cone, and a flat, flat platform made of travertine deposits, located 10 meters above the side of the plain. The range of this rectangular platform is 400 meters long and 300 meters wide. It seems that naming the Solomon's bed for this limestone fountain is due to the presence of this platform-like platform like the travertine.
  • More Info

    Takht-e-Soleimoon, one of the three Sassanid magnificent fire temples on the open road and the coronation site of the kings of this dynasty, was probably built during the victorious period of Anoushirvan's grandfather. Though archaeological excavations on the plain of Solomon have shown works of Achaemenid and material times, the reputation of this site is more owed to the Sassanid monuments: Azar Goshnsb Temple, Anahita Temple, Museum of Gifts, Mount of Death and Fortress of Belgias . The remnants of the only palace remaining in the Ilkhanite period are another privilege for this historical complex.
    Soleiman Tukht Solomon and its cultural perspective is the first Persian work that was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List after the revolution in 2003. According to some historians, Solomon's tent is the birthplace of Zoroastrian prophets.

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