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Talab Zarrin Oshnavieh

(51 رای)

Round Zarrin Wetland is one of the most beautiful wetlands in the West Azarbaijan Province, located on the slopes of the Dalamir Mountains and at the zero point of the border of Iran, Turkey and Iraq. Zarrin Roundabout is located 45 km southwest of Urumieh and 35 km from Oshnavieh.

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The top of the Dalamper Mountain is the land of all three countries. The height of this mountain is 3500 meters and has a glacier of several thousand years. The presence of natural lakes on its slopes is another distinctive feature of the Dalamter Mountain. These lakes include Dalamper, Mama Sheikh, Benchol, Dimehak and ....

  • Specific information

    It also originates from the snowfall of this rugged mountain ridge, down the slopes of this mountain in the form of a large cascade called Dolecola (meaning a foggy waterfall). The elevation of the lake is 2100 meters above sea level and is circular. Qatar is about 90 meters long. The margin of the lagoon of the straw and grass plants is visible.
  • Outlook

    Mountain species include: brown bear, wolf, fox, jackal, snake, rabbit, goat, eagle and .... Meanwhile, the temperate zagros vegetation, including wild boar, wild sour, mountain almond, and ... are found abundantly in Dalamter.

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