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Talab topragh kandi

(37 رای)

Atabalab is a short distance from the penetration of the water of the river Aras and several small and large springs located on the southwest side of the wetland. This wetland has an area of ​​15 hectares.

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This lagoon, which flows through the Arus River and is noted for the walls of the Arusha River, is about 8 meters deep.

  • Background information

    The Karpathian Tropai Lagoon is a semi-natural wetland that has been created as a result of human activities and the creation of a strait on the banks of the river bank to prevent the erosion of the river in Iran.
  • Specific information

    This wetland is flooded and the excess water of the wetland leaves it at the bottom and is added again to the Arus border river.
  • Outlook

    Ardebil province - Parsabad city - and the closest settlements to this wetland is the village of Tappraq Kennedy, located on the southern side of the lagoon and its distance is 900 meters.
  • Must know

    The Kandy wetland is in a geographical position with a length of 473137 and a width of 393435.
  • Pros

    This wetland, due to its location at the edge of the Arus River, also acts as a floodgate, creating a very attractive and habitable environment for use in aquatic and aquatic birds. The small chicks in this area and other water areas close to this lagoon show the importance of this wetland to us more than before.
  • Cons

    By washing clothes, utensils, carpets and ... and in some cases, detergent and dental carriers with organic and mineral suspended matter and oil through the creek enter the wetland. The continuation of this situation will lead to pollution of the wetland and its adverse impact on its living conditions. Nutrient springs of the wetland, which are considered as highland agricultural drainage, are contaminated by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Contaminated and eventually pollute the wetland. Household waste and animal wastes in the village of Tapprach Kennedy, the cutting of permafrost forest trees and the overgrowth of grassland and pastureland around the lagoon are also a misuse of this environment.

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