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Tangol Salt Protected Area

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Tang-Sulak Protected Area is another natural attraction of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad. There are six permanent springs and two seasonal springs in this area. From these springs, the Gordak Springs has a significant flow of water and is beyond the reach of the area.

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Tang-e-Sulak protected area with a total area of 2325 hectares was protected in 1999. Its range ranges from 900 to 2200 m, the average annual precipitation and temperature reaches 17 ° C and 550 mm. The area has a temperate climate. The area of good vegetation Has enjoyed.
Protected area of Tang-e-Sulak with a distance of 40 km north of Behbahan city is located in Behbaei city in the area of protection of Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad province.

  • Specific information

    This beautiful area includes the Tangsolk and half of the Strait of Sagar as protected by the Sulak. In addition to the ancient works of ancient writings from the Parthian period with a unique and original nature, the fountains and its forests are often oak and beautiful trees, mountainous and rocky. The main importance of this is the rare and rare trees of Zarbin, which has recently become the area of natural resources management in the province, and there are several small seasonal shrubs such as Abdulli, Soleil Chal, Chalayi fig, Zichak (Zucchir) in this region. .
    _All of the Garden: The existing pomegranate gardens ... Of this liquorice, most of it is used as a drinking water pipeline in the villages of the Lakk district. Currently, there are about 30 to 50 thousand trees from old trees and planting seedlings in northwest and western Tang-e-Sulak, which look at this remarkable view of the eyes of any viewer. More interesting is the existence of a very rich wildlife such as the whole, and goats and birds such as Quebec, Tieho, forest pigeons and wells and a variety of crows in this region.
  • More Info

    It should be acknowledged that this 2000 hectare range has very high status as a national natural phenomenon, and only a road road ranging from 4-5.5 kilometers extends to the site of the Abdullah village in the heart of the Tange Sulak. On the other hand, from the vegetation point of view, medicinal and medicinal plants are of vital importance, such as red bells, hills, turkeys, cartilage, watermelon, yarrow, squamous, congar, lily of the valley, Thyme and ... Thick forests of oak And other species of this range.


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