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Tangrou Crown and Raber

(8 رای)

Tangrou (Karro) is located about 500 meters long in the south of Rabir city in Kerman province. It has a lot of virgin natural reserves that are less well-known until now.

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Access to the Strait from the road road of Padomabad village is possible. Route of the city of Rabor to the Strait of Khaki Road is 20 km long. After entering the Strait, it is visible to the aqueducts that are famous for the Golm. Following the path of the Strait, passing through the large rocks, the narrower route, after passing through these sections, we encounter beautiful Tang-kuro waterfalls that flow through this beautiful strait. There were several water courses in the Strait, which are unmatched in their own way, and the erosion of the rocks in this direction has also created a beautiful Zayed al-Wasfi.

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    Photo by Majid Baghini Pour

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