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Tedin's House (Mohammadia)

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Tedin or Mohammadi's house in the Abbasieh neighborhood of the suburb of Nassar's largest neighborhood is one of the five neighborhoods of Semnan.

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This building has now been used as the location of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Semnan province. The house has three sections, such as the living space in the courtyard and the reception of guests and business meetings in the outer courtyard, and the lateral space is located as a service space dependent on the inner courtyard on its southern front.

  • Background information

    This building belongs to one of the most well-known Semnan merchants in the Qajar period, which is also seen in photographs of Mirza Abdullah Qajar, a specialist photographer for Nasser-al-Din Shah who was taken in 1284, and probably was built with the construction of the Semnan market.
  • Specific information

    This house has three entrances, located on the main side of the main street (current Taleghani Street), and at the entrance to the outside of the outer courtyard on the outskirts of the high street market, for separate business meetings, and the entrance of the house The other one directly accessed the crew and the stables
  • More Info

    The current building of Tedin House is now used as the site of the Cultural Heritage of Handicrafts and Tourism of Semnan. The tall windfall is also an ornament of this monument.