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Telecabin Aoun bin Ali (Tabriz Telecabin)

(13 رای)

Telecabin Aoun bin Ali or Einali is the longest trapdoor in the country, part of the Aoun bin Ali promenade project and the nature park. Using Tabriz's cable car you can park up Aoun bin Ali and use it well.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan - Tabriz - Einali Highlands - Aoun Bin Ali Residential.

The horizontal length of the Telecabin Aoan bin Ali booth in the first phase is 1,450 meters and its steep length is 1,480 meters. In this phase, the path begins from the slopes of the mountain and ends in the highlands of Aoun bin Ali. This route has a capacity of transfer of one thousand people per hour, and by moving the telecabin from second to third ramparts, passengers cross the rocks in full view of the city, passing from the fourth and fifth towers alongside the Awon Ali and Memorial Martyrs of the Anonymous mosque. The beautiful point of this passage passes through the valley in front of the Tabriz Roam Restaurant to a depth of 90 meters and to the end of the route.

  • Background information

    AOn ibn Ali's telecabin executive office, in the northern heights of Tabriz and in Mount Aoun bin Ali, is being completed in three phases with a memorandum of understanding between Iran and the Scandinavian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden.
    The first phase of this project was implemented with a credit of 100 billion rials and lasted for 9 months and reached the end of January 2010.
  • Specific information

    The existence of the virgin nature of the slopes of Aoun bin Ali and the forestry plans of these heights with recreational facilities such as a restaurant, amusement parks, playground and other facilities add to the attractions of Tabriz's telecabin.
  • More Info

    Aoun Ben Ali's telecommunication plan is designed with an average of at least 12 and a maximum of 24 cabins, and with the prediction of 6 towers or towers, cabin relocations are carried out.
    The second phase of the Telecabin of Tabriz will be run from Aoun ibn Ali to al-Shahid Madani dam, and according to calculations, the total travel time for each roundabout through telekabine at a distance of four kilometers from Aoun ibn Ali to the high elevations of Shahid Madani Dam is 6 minutes and 24 Seconds and every six seconds a cabin will be in transit.
    The third phase of the project will be completed from Shahid Madani dam to Mount Dandh Mountains, which will become the longest telecommunication cabin after launching this project.

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