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The Ahab and Bidgol forbidden hunting ground

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Ajhab forbidden hunting area located in Aran and Bidgol is one of the forbidden hunting areas of Isfahan province. Among the most important plant species of the protected area of ​​Isfahan are: Artemisia, Quercus, Pen, Cycle, Nasi, Gon, Parand, Tahis, Ashnian, Jazz, Almond Mountain, Cygnus, Cia Guinea, Esfand, Tears, Dandruff and ... Made

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  • Address : Isfahan Province - Aran and Bidgol County

The forbidden hunting area is a mountainous climatic, alluvial plain, mountainous hill, and in the western part as a sandy community. Due to the unique and unique landscape, abundant water resources and vegetation are very much appreciated by the people.

  • Background information

    Due to the location of the Yabab district in the vicinity of the Desert National Park and the wildlife migration from the National Park to this area, in some seasons, the forces of the National Park of Kavir started operating and controlling in the area. After the year 1360, with the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency of Kashan, its executive authorities monitored the area. Since November 2010, with the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency of Aran and Bidgol, the responsibility for monitoring the region lies with the department. The area was officially designated as a hunted area by follow-ups in early 1392.
  • Specific information

    : Total and goats, rams, eagles, Jebir, wolves, hyenas, sandals, caracas, rabbits and ... from the mammals of the region and golden eagles, Sargopa, Balaban, Deliege, Hubertus, Quebec, Thieu, Buckhorn, Dodok ... from the birds of this The region.
    Also, the reptiles of the region include Persian horned horsemeat, horned horse, marigold, snake snake, Shirazi camel, Ghatani snake, Bazmadeh, Kaiserling plain jack, steppe agama, black tail agama and ....

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