The Great Mosque of Kerman

(49 رای)

The Great Mosque of Kerman, this precious Islamic monument is located in Shariaty avenue and in the Mishtaq Square, and shines with its 700 years of age as an illusion on the palace of this great city.

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Mozafari's mosque was built in the year 750 AH by Mohammad Zafar Meybodi and is therefore famous for Mozafari.
The cost of constructing this mosque was financed by the revenue of Mohammad Zafar in Meybod and harvesting of horticultural and agricultural products. At the end of that period, Mowlana Afif al-Din was invited to pray in this mosque.

  • Specific information

    The mosque of Kerman, in terms of architecture and art, especially in the eastern Sardar area, has such values as the well-known archaeologist Popes from the architectural masterpieces of Iranian architecture and the background of this land.
    The mosque of Kerman has three sides of the north, east and west sides. The mosque has a length of 66.5 meters and a width of 49 meters. In addition to the tiles, the Mogharnas head is also of great importance in the east.
  • Outlook

    In addition to the spectacular beauty that enters the ivy in the east of the mosque of Kerman, and is made of gypsum-tiled stone and small tiles, as well as verses beside it, another section of the tile of the altar is worth mentioning. The western side is located.
    The design of this part of Zarand's color is used and the altar side is also a marble, which, in particular, has created a magnificent glimpse of the beautiful lines on which it is attached.

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