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The Karkheh Tourist Recreation Complex

(46 رای)

Karkheh Tourist Recreational Complex is one of the attractions of the tourism industry in Shoush whose first phase consists of the construction of 50 family resting pads, a wood-dining hall, a boat ride, cafe, a town hall, traditional tea house Is

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    Susa is the oldest city in the world that was founded around 5,000 BC as a religious center of the inhabitants of the plain surrounding it and is now the world's first civilized city and is now embraced by many attractions. Tourists
    Susa is located in a vast plain that continues the Mesopotamian Plain and is located above the four high hills in the southwest of Iran. The plain is about four kilometers wide. The Iranian plateau used the gradual drying of the Shosh plain and used the high valleys overlooking it to reside in the Shosh plain.
    Also, the presence of Daniel's prophet's office is another spectacular sight that has given the city an unchallenged religious dimension along with the important historical dimension.
    The shrine of Daniel in Susa has always been the festival of the people of Susa and other cities of the province and has held religious and religious ceremonies such as mourning and celebrations for the Ahlul Bayt (as), the resurrection nights, the end of the Qur'an, and the reading of prayers accompanied by a special majesty and sanctity. Is.

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