The Museum of Natural History (Museum of Wildlife

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The  Museum of Natural History (Museum of Wildlife) is one of the cultural, social, educational, research and tourist attractions in Ardebil, which can, in addition to the learning about  various ecosystems and species of wildlife and the vegetation of the region reminds us about the value of preserving wildlife among the various sections of society.

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  • Address : The Museum of Natural History and Biodiversity of Ardabil Province on the street of University, next to Payam Noor University

Animals in the form of a panel of skulls, horns and birds, as well as numerous hangings on the wall in the Natural History Museum of Ardabil, can be seen on display in addition to natural fossils and minerals.

  • Background information

    This museum was established in August 2002
  • Outlook

    This museum is based on an area of four thousand and five hundred square meters and one thousand and 200 square meters of infrastructure and is located on the eastern border of the Shorabil lake.
  • Facilities

    The museum consists of six sections of exhibition, study and educational, artistic and welfare facilities:
    The Department of Creation and Paleontology, which introduces the viewer to scenes from the position of the planet in the solar system, the different periods of geology, and the stages in the development of biological communities.
    In 13 aquariums live species of aquatic species of fish are seen which are of the province and other aquatic ecosystems of the country, and decorative fish and aquarium are also visible.
    In the upper floors of the museum there is a pleasant atmosphere with a beautiful view, the wildlife of the Shorabil Lake and the Sabalan Mountain is visible and it’s a perfect place to relax and after visiting the museum.

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