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The Reza Abbasi Museum

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The Reza Abbasi Museum is located in Seyed Khandan, Tehran, Iran. The museum is named after Reza Abbasi, one of the artists in the Safavid periodThe Reza Abbasi Museum is home to a unique collection of Persian art dating back to the second millennium BC, from both the pre-Islamic and Islamic eras.

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  • The Reza Abbasi Museum
  • The Reza Abbasi Museum
  • The Reza Abbasi Museum
  • The Reza Abbasi Museum
The Reza Abbasi Museum The Reza Abbasi Museum The Reza Abbasi Museum The Reza Abbasi Museum مشاهده گالری


  • Phone Call : +982188513007
  • Price : Economic
  • Hours of work : 9:00 - 18:00
  • Address : Number 972, Shariati Ave, Seyyed-Khandan Bridge, Tehran, Iran

The collections of this museum belong to a period from the 2nd millennium BC to the early 20th century. The displays are set according to time interval. There are many objects exhibited in this museum such as artifacts made of baked clay, metal and stone from the pre historic times to pottery and metal objects, textile and lacquer painting, manuscripts and jewelry belonging to the Islamic period

  • Background information

    Reza Abbasi Museum was officially opened in September 1977 under the guidance of Queen Farah Pahlavi, but it was closed in November 1978. It was reopened a year later in 1979, with some changes in its internal decorations and further expansion of its exhibition space. It was closed again in 1984 due to some internal difficulties and reopened a year later. It was finally opened for the fifth time, after its renovation on February 4, 2000. Currently Reza Abbasi Museum is administrated by Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran.
  • Outlook

    The exhibits are organised chronologically starting with the top-floor Pre-Islamic Gallery, where you`ll find Achaemenid gold bowls, drinking vessels, armlets and decorative pieces, often with exquisite carvings of bulls and rams. Here, too, you’ll find fine examples of Lorestan bronzes . The middle-floor Islamic Gallery exhibits ceramics, fabrics and brassware, while the ground-floor Painting Gallery shows samples of fine calligraphy from ancient Qurans and illustrated manuscripts, particularly copies of Ferdosi`s Shahnamah and Sa`di`s Golestan
  • Recommendation

    If you like Iranian art, it`s one of the best and most professionally run museums in the country.
  • Facilities

    There are over 10,000 Persian, English, French and German books about Persian art, history, archaeology and classical paintings in this museum.

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