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The house of Seyyed Hashem Ebrahimi

(43 رای)

The house of Seyyed Hashem Ebrahimi is located in Sarcheshmeh  Square in Ardebil.

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  • Address : Ardabil - Sarcheshmeh Square - Martyrs' Bridge

This house is facing a small rectangular courtyard. The main building consists of two floors and a basement, and has a fairly large and beautiful hall. The building's view is a brick built on walls with a rocky stretch of one meter high.

  • Background information

    The house of Seyed Hashem Ebrahimi is rgoes back to the Zand Period.
  • Specific information

    This work was registered on March 25, 2000 with the registration number of 3041 as one of the national works of Iran. The refurbishment restoring of the Abraham house lasted from July 1380 to 1382.
  • Outlook

    The Hall, which is a major part of the building of Sayed Ebrahimi's house, consists of two porches , decorated with arched glass windows with laminated glass. Decorations used in the hall include Mogharnas, paintings, paintings and valuable inscriptions. The ceiling of the room in the middle is covered by a trimmed bergamot, centered around a circular, rounded flower with oak leaves. In the four corners of the ceiling, the lacquer is located on the slalom area, which is framed by the same oak leaves in the middle of the ceiling.

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