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The house of the deceased Marooj

(9 رای)

The house of the deceased Ayatollah Marooj is located on 30m street, before the Armenian neighborhood.

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  • Address : Ardabil - 30-Metri Street

The old part of the house has paved stone with lime mortar and is made of stone. The body of the building is made of 20x20 Iranian bricks and is covered with wooden beams. The doors and windows used in it are made of wood.

  • Background information

    This building is related to two periods; part of it relates to the Qajar period with the principles and architectural style of its era, and partly as an extension of the period after the revolution.
  • Specific information

    This monument was registered on June 10, 2003 with the registration number of 8895 as one of the national monuments of Iran.
  • Outlook

    THE extended part of this building is masonry and it has barriers. Covering it with a narrow arched beam. The interior plaster is plastered and is painted in some places. The external view of the building has been implemented as a brick.
  • Source

    Encyclopedia of the history of Iranshahr architecture - Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization

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