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The prohibited hunting ground of Zarabad Khoy

(48 رای)

The forbidden hunting area of ​​Zarabad Khoy is located in western Azarbaijan, a mountainous region which has been banned from hunting grounds since 1997

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During the years 76 and 77, nearly 300 heads of ram and eagle were released from Kabudan Island. This area is connected to the harbor or bridge of the protected area of Marrakesh and the Aland bayam. Hills and meadows between the Claves and Pierre Amber and Solos and ... with favorable vegetation and delicate species, adequate water and more moderate air than the grassland, which is the most favorable conditions and biological factors. The area with an area of about 90000 acres and at the highest point of the summit of Mount Solos and Pyranbr is 2643 meters high and the river Akhay passes through it, and the rocky shores of the castle Bastam and the construction of the Qaharul dam on the river Akhay and the presence of natural landscapes and numerous landscapes and Permanently added to the beauty of the region. This area is located in the Safaiyeh Khoy area.

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    From the wildlife of the region, we can mention the whole and the goats, the Armenian ram, the wolf, the wild cat, the hog, the bear, the rabbit, and a variety of birds of various types of Quebec, various birds of prey and scavengers, and ....

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