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The tower of forty girls in Damghan

(53 رای)

The fortard tower of Damghan The brick tower in the west of Damghan is located behind the Tomb of Imam Zadeh Jafar and near Damghan road to Semnan. The people believe that the tower of forty girls was made when they had ceased to be worldly partners and built the tower with mud and clay.

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The height of this tower is approximately 15 meters and its external environment is 23 meters and its internal diameter is 5.5 meters. Also, this tower is almost built in the style of the Tugral Rey Tower and the Radikal Bridge.
According to the people of Semnan, the tower of Chehel Dokht is one of the buildings of the husband of the province of Semnan, and also that the girls are lucky to open their fortunes and find their husbands inside the tower and throw three or seven rocks from the inside out and If all the rocks come out, their luck opens and they marry in the same year, otherwise they should stay home for another year.

  • Background information

    This tower was built in 446 AH (1054 AD) by Abu Zaha Esfahani.
  • Specific information

    Out of this tower is a Kofi script that is very difficult to read, as well as only "Bhbnnah Haza Lqbat al-Amir al-Jalil Abu Zha'a", and finally the "Thallisma" inscription is read from it, and it turns out that from the buildings of the fourth century AH It also lasts well due to the strength of the structure, so that no damage to it is observed. At the top of the small tower, which opens to the south, is a caption of gypsum to the Goya Kofi line.
  • Outlook

    In the middle of the tower is a simple grave that is unknown to the owner of the plaster, and it is clear from the indications that until recently the interior level of the tower was higher than the present, because with a little precision, a section that was below the soil and later Cracked can be detected.
  • More Info

    It is undeniable that the name of forty girls or forty girls is related to the pre-Islamic period, and it is unlikely that this building was like a crude clay, like the building of 40 hamlets of Semnan, since over time part of it collapsed in The fourth or fifth century, on the orders of Abu Zahai, whose identity is somewhat unobtainable, was re-constructed with a view to its former design, with a cone-shaped brick and ceiling.

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