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Tourist Village Simorgh Tabriz (Omand Dam)

(46 رای)

Simorgh Tourist Recreational Village Tabriz is one of the largest tourist destinations in the country which is located alongside the dam of Omand Dam; Simorgh Village of Tabriz with wide and diverse facilities for recreation, recreation and accommodation can be one of the options. Good for recreation and excursions around Tabriz

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Tabriz - 15 km of Sufian Road - Omand Dam

Simorgh Tourist Recreational Complex has become one of the main options for tourists and citizens for recreation and circulation due to the unique climate and geographical location along the great Amand Dam. The tourist village of Simorgh Tabriz (Omand Dam) has been implemented on an area of over 100 hectares.

  • Specific information

    One of the most awesome features of the Simorgh Recreational Center is the lake of Omand Dam, where you can experience sports and water sports; for this reason, if you go here, you can use the facilities such as jet skiing, canoeing, Skiing, fishing, and more.
  • Facilities

    A 5-star hotel with facilities such as amusement and sports facilities such as gym and gym, playground and children's playgrounds, pool, sauna, jacuzzi, billiards
    Modern and traditional coffee shops
    Residential cottages
    Water Sports Jet Ski and Canoeing
    Golf course according to international standard
    Water Park
    Horseback riding
    Playground football and volleyball.

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