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Urmieh's Zoo (Dorna Zina),

(8 رای)

Dorna Zoo is the largest and first zoo in the city of Urmia, located 20 km from the Kalantari Road and is considered one of the attractions of Urumia tourism.

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  • Address : West Azarbaijan Province - Urmia - 20 km from Shahid Kalantari Road

The Uromiya Dornosa Zoo includes a variety of rare species of wildlife and is considered one of the main wildlife watching centers near the city. Mammals such as lions, wolves, monkeys, fantasy dogs, camels, deer, deer and ... are kept in the garden of Orumiyeh Garden (Orumiyeh Zoo).

  • Specific information

    There is an artificial lake for sailing and fishing in the Orumiye Zoo (Zara Zna).