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Valiasr Park, Tabriz

(60 رای)

Valiasr Park Tabriz is considered one of the beautiful and different parks of this metropolis, located in the eastern side of Tabriz and in Valiasr neighborhood; the proximity of Tabriz valisr parks to Baghlar-Baghi has caused many citizens to use this garden.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Tabriz - Valiasr Blvd.

The Valiasr Park of Tabriz architecture is derived from the original Persian architecture using small pools all around the park and connecting them together using the vineyards that eventually connect to the pool in the middle of the park.

  • Specific information

    A huge smart waterfront inside the pool of the Valiasr Park of Tabriz, which consists of 12 water sprinklers and 215 water outlets, and professionally and smartly perform water dance musically.
  • Outlook

    In the center of the park, a huge pool is built that is the main source of water in the streams and pools of this complex. Around the pool, spacious niches and brick pavilions with copper roofs built on the beauty of this pool.

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