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Vanak Apartment Hotel

(40 رای)

this hotel is located in one of the best residential and commercial areas of Tehran including some positive aspects

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  • Phone Call : 88778284
  • Price : Average
  • Hours of work : 24 hours
  • Address : No.7, 14th street, Gandi avenue, Tehran 15178 - Iran

. It has 54rooms and 15 suites

  • Background information

    The First Hotel Apartment That Has Experience More Than 15 Years .
  • Specific information

    The facilities are Refrigerator, Tv, wifi, restaurant, parking, satellite, swimming pool, coffe shop, tennis court, taxi .etc
  • Outlook

    Locating in north of Tehran with pleasent weather and Easy access to shopping centers as well as administrative and govermental offices and Easy access to Vanak square by walking.
  • Must know

    Documents for accommodation in hotel for single men are national CARD , for married couples are national and ID card , for single women are national card and permission letter and for married women are Id card or national card.
    The log out time is 14:00 and check-in time is 14:00 .
  • Facilities

    Each of the rooms is equipped with a refrigerator , bathroom , TV, telephone , air conditioning , furniture.

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