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Vrvda Verdey Savojbolagh

(44 رای)

Vendetta Village is one of the natural and historic attractions of Alborz Province in the village of Barghan and in the northwest of the city of Karegay, which has a beautiful, pleasant environment with good historical sites to visit.

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  • Address : Karaj, Barghan road, Ward village

Is it possible to speak of Savojbolagh and did not mention this beautiful village! The historical and primitive texture of this village includes works such as the historic bath (Qajar period), the old mill, two monuments named after Imam Zadeh Abdolkhir (AS) and Bibi Sakineh (AS), and also due to the river, the mountains and the unique springs The person embraces many tourists in different seasons of the year.

  • Background information

    Wardah has a remarkable historical background, and there are some remarkable historical works of the Safavid era, and before that it is remarkable. Some of these works are: the tomb of Imamzadeh Abdolkhar, the historic bathhouse and the tomb of Imamzadeh Bibi Sakineh Warda. Exquisite wooden door of Imamzadeh Abdolkhar belongs to the era of Shah Tahmasb I, with beautiful designs and lines. The door is now being kept at the National Museum of Iran (Museum of Ancient Iran).
  • Specific information

    In the village of Vendre, the pyramid is a form belonging to the period of the Ilkhani, which is the building of Imam Zadegan Hadi and Ali Naqi (AS). The building has a seven-color tile with green navel colors and Kofi's lines, which are featured. Although there is also an old-fashioned tree along the water-flowing river that runs through the tomb, it can be accompanied by nature, as well as pilgrimage. In addition, Imamzadeh Abdol-Qahar (AS) is also fitted with a pyramidal dome made of mint of flowers.
  • Outlook

    Due to its geographical location and its location among the steep slopes, as well as the proximity to the Thousand Banks River and the presence of numerous springs, it has natural scenery and beautiful landscapes. Some of the other attractions include: rural texture and foliage, the old planks of the Imam Zadeh and the old, the old Aras tree (horseradish) and the Sardan of the Vendetta.
  • Best time

    Although we offer you a trip in the first 6 months, but the autumn of a thousand colors is spectacular and memorable.
  • Facilities

    Remember that in the narrow area along the Vendetta village, on the right side of the road and on the other side of the river, you can set the series to the tombstone of the Imamzade Bibi Khatoun (AS) on the slopes.

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