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Women's Park 1

(5 رای)

Tabriz Women's Park, also known as the Women's Park 1, is the first 5,000-square-meter area of the first women's park in the country, where there are various sports facilities, recreational activities and special programs for women.

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  • Address : Tabriz, Farabi Ave., below the Abersan Pass, next to Shams Tabrizi Garden.

Available in Women's Park 1 Tabriz:
Volleyball court
Ping and ping table
Archery practice site
Indoor salon and modern indoor fitness equipment.
Feature: Organize various events on religious occasions including:
Recreational camps
- Use of a mighty swimming pool
- Visit historical and religious places
- Reading the end of the Quran in the holy month of Ramezan
- Holding training classes
- Formation of workshops to empower women
- Morning exercise under two instructors.
Volleyball training, table tennis, cycling.