Yadgarloo Naghadeh

(7 رای)

Yadgarloo Lagoon: West Azarbaijan Lagoon with the area of ​​1530 hectare watershed is located at an average height of 1280 m from the open sea. The sources of water supply to the lagoon, seasonal runoff due to rainfall in the basin, seasonal flows of the Gadar River, are through traditional drainage and groundwater leakage.

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In addition to the 359 hectare area of the lake, 260 hectares also cover the area of the margins of the wetland.
Lagoon Yagarlo Naghdeh has long been a very suitable habitat for wintering, as well as regeneration of aquatic birds such as swans, flamingos, ducks, and ducks. However, during the recent years, with the construction of a drain on its way, as well as the reduction of water intake, this wetland is in most cases dry. For this reason, the Igmarolo Lagos Lagoon is located in Montreal, which needs to be restored and restored.

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