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Yaniq Hashtrood Wetland

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Yaniq wetland is one of the most beautiful wetlands in Hashtrood, located 35 km southwest of this city and in East Azarbaijan province. Yaniq Hashrtrood wetland is located near the asphalt road of Hashtrood-Maragheh and is considered as one of the beautiful attractions of the north-west of the country.

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Yaniq Hashtrood Wetland consists of two separate sections, one kilometer away from each other. One of the two Yanyac wetlands, which is used as a natural irrigation pool used by farmers, has an area of about 4 hectares extending over an area of one hectare and the other wetland, which extends over a narrow strip of gullies. The height of the Yaniq wetlands is 1,600 meters deep and both have a depth of more than 2 meters in their central part. The beaches and catchment areas of Yaniq wetland are crops and meadows, and there are no other trees or shrubs in the combination of vegetation on the shores of some other islands.

  • Background information

    The margin of the wetland is a hectare, circular and completely covered, so that the water within the boundary forms the wetland in a circle. The existence of this massive hide-and-seek is a good hiding place for aquatic birds, especially at times of danger. Vegetation of the catchment area and the beaches of Yaniq wetlands consists of two parts of pasture and vegetation that are pasture plants consisting of steppic and semi-steppe species and part of rangeland vegetation consists of invasive plants or weeds that are caused by changes in land use and excess grazing Trapped in the area.
  • Specific information

    Yaniq wetland margins are various types of grass, grasses and alveoli that have seasonal growth and are buried in terms of changes in volcanic volcanoes on beaches, in appearance and between flowers and leaves. Like all other wetlands, Yaniq Wetlands are thrown in the cold winter when the cold season arrives.
  • Outlook

    The Yaniq frosty period, like other wetlands, lasts four to five months, and after the melting of the ice, migratory birds and aquatic animals are present in each of the two wetlands.
  • Cons

    Unfortunately, Yaniq wetland despite being known as one of the four duck breeding habitats in the country is legally protected in the areas under the management of the Environmental Protection Agency in the free zones and is used in the permitted seasons by the predators.

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