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Yatari castle of Aliya

(48 رای)

Castle Yatari Aliya is located in Islami of Semnan province and its distance to the center of Aradan city is 2 km.

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  • Address : Semnan, Inheritance

As it is known from the name of the fortress, it is located in the village of Yatari Oliya, the path to the tomb from the Garmsar road to Aradan, which enters the village in the three ways of the village of Yatari, after the first square on the right side of the main road of this castle Visible.

  • Background information

    Yatiri was a former ruler in the old days. This very ancient castle was built on a hill that was very wide. Seni'a al-Dawlah writes about the fort and the ten decades that new monuments of Amin al-Sultan Muhammad Ja'far Khan are despised. Is.

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