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Zabol Mochi castle (chi castle)

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Zabol Mochi castle , also known as Qal'eh, is a collection of beautiful buildings and headquarters of the royal family during the Safavid period, located 60 km southwest of Zabul. The entrance of the building has a beautiful veranda that has been run by a fan of arches and tidbits.

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Zabol castle castle and its related buildings are located three kilometers east of Sistan and 6 km from burnt city and 70 kilometers southwest of Zabol. This castle is the headquarters of the royal palace, the rulers of southern Sistan, which is from clay and flowers it was made.
Zabul castle castle (castle chaos) is a square-shaped facade and is of a two-edged structure.

  • Background information

    Due to the historical texts and the remaining works, including architecture and coins and pottery, the date of the construction of the castle of Zabul (castle chi) can be extended to the Safavid period, which is likely to be the headquarters of the Qajar dynasty and the palace of the royal family Local rulers of southern Sistan's civilization have been considered, but by studying the surface pottery of the area, it can not be considered an older date than the 6th and 7th centuries.
    According to foreign traveler Colonel Charles City, he surrounded the gardens and large palm trees that have been completely destroyed. We have come up with different opinions about the abandonment of this region, which are considered to be a disruptive of the old Sistan dam that attributes to Shahrokh.
    _South amusement: The northwest northwest of Zabul castle (Qaleh Qeq) is 10 meters wide and 7.5 meters wide. There is also a windmill in this area, whose specimens were in Islamic period and in all parts of Sistan. In the southwest of this castle, at a distance of 3 km, there are a number of small hills, the discovered pottery of the prehistoric period Is.
  • More Info

    In this area, 1130 AH (1717 AD), related to Mirjafar Khan was discovered. Zabol castle castle (castle) is located in the historic area of Hozadar (Hawza Dara), 70 km southwest of Zabul. There were many palm trees around the region and the wrists also called the palm tree in the local language. The fort has been renamed to this name.

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