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Zabul Wildlife

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Zabul Zoo is one of the recreational centers of the province of Sistan and Balouchestan, a subsidiary of the University of Zabol, and is the first research zoo in the country.

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Animals such as lion, wild cat, sand cat, monkey, martin, camel and two valuable native endangered species of short-necked crocodile, and the other, are black white collar in Zabul Zoo.
Zoo Zoo animals are compatible with the warm climate of the region

  • Background information

    The zoo's Zoo Zoo is a research zoo that was set up in 1995 under an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency.
    Features: The Zoologiski Zoological Garden, in contrast to most of the country's zoos, is not a private zoo, but a subset of the University of Zabul, and it is funded entirely by the university.
  • Must know

    Due to the lack of recreational facilities in the area, public visits to the Zawawa Zawawa Zoo are free and no tickets will be received from visitors.

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