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Zafaranieh Plaza

(90 رای)

Zafaranieh Plaza Commercial Complex, with the area amounted to 11000 square meters is constructed in five story-basement and three floors

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  • Zafaranieh Plaza
  • Zafaranieh Plaza
  • Zafaranieh Plaza
Zafaranieh Plaza Zafaranieh Plaza Zafaranieh Plaza مشاهده گالری


  • Phone Call : +98-21-22751473
  • website :
  • Price : Top
  • Hours of work : 9am - 11pm (Statuary to Thursday)
  • Address : No.16, Ramkoh St. Zafaranieh Sq., Tehran, Iran

Zafaranieh Plaza including 40 shops which offer special services including bank, confectionery, restaurant, coffee shop, kid, men and women’s wear, bag and shoes, jewelry, handicrafts, home appliances and furniture.

  • Specific information

    The following units are completed and can render services to the customers:

    Codello shop, Zafaranieh Plaza branch
    Neyshekar Confectionary, Zafaranieh branch
    Viuna Café, Zafaranieh Plaza branch
    Pasargad Bank, Zafaranieh branch
    Ghavamin Bank, Zafaranieh branch
    Apple Store, Zafaranieh Plaza branch
    Nike Store, Zafaranieh Plaza branch
    Corer Restaurant

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