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Zahedan Pardis Laleh park

(16 رای)

Laleh Zahedan Campus Park is one of the main parks of this city that is located in the area of ​​Health Boulevard. In the park of Laleh Campus, such features as outdoor climbing, sports facilities and children's playgrounds with good green space and good facilities for rest and recreation are considered.

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  • Address : Zahedan - Health Boulevard - between veterans and Mazari

The rock climbing complex at Laleh Zahedan Park is one of the most unique climbing clusters in the country.
450 square meters of climbing panel and 10 meters above the height of the spectacular profile of this complex.

  • Specific information

    Due to the huge number of citizens visiting the campus of Laleh Park and the location of the entire prison near the park, and considering the many commercial units in the vicinity of this place, as well as the existence of town hall, the Park of Paradise as one of the good and important places Is a city of Zahedan.

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