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Zahedan Rasouli Bazaar

(63 رای)

Rasouli Crossroads Zahedan is a major center for dresses and shoes that have been working; Tanakoura's products have made the reputation of the Zahedan Rasool Zahedan crossroads comprehensible.

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Around one hundred shops sell this item at Rasouli Crossing. These shops are also seen on the main streets and in the passages, and in the alleyways leading to the main street, in these streets, many of the houses that were previously inhabited have become a change to the place for the sale of Tanakura goods.
All items offered at the Rasouli crossing will be provided from Pakistani markets and in particular the Karachi city. At some point in time, sellers and, in some cases, dealers in the field, buy these goods from Karachi and transfer them to Iran to sell at the Rasouli market in Zahedan.

  • Specific information

    Activists of this market go from Iranshahr or Saravan to Pakistan and from there arrive in Karachi on a 12-hour journey. Upon reaching the market and choosing the gender, they offer their goods in a package to those who are specialized in transporting goods from Karachi to Iran.
    Part of these goods enter the country through legal borders, and partly through smuggling. All goods are transported to Zahedan in a packet bag with a sack and a sink from Karachi; Iranian buyers in the Karachi market buy some of their items in the form of caskets and then transfer them to Zahedan by opening the bags according to the goods Quality and brand and sex are separated and priced.
    In this market, the goods and Tanakura have the lowest prices, and then in terms of the price of Stoke goods, the most expensive commodities in the market are the same props that are known as Sample. According to the vendors of this market, Samples are products that are marketed by manufacturers to introduce their new products and not for sale.
    In the clothing section of Rasouli Crossroads, all dresses are available, from men's and women's underwear, to a variety of t-shirts, tops and shirts, pajamas and trousers, as well as winter clothing including jackets, coats and pearls, etc. In the section for sale There is also a dedicated shoe for eager customers for all models of popups, from sandals and slippers to leather shoes and linen, as well as all models of boots and mountaineering shoes. All of these have to add skate shoes.
    According to salesmen at Rasouli Cross, the most sales and profits in this market are dedicated to winter goods. In winter, buyers come to Zahedan to buy from the corner of the country. In this market, shoes and clothing produced by reputable brands of the world are sold at prices far below the price of this product in the market. The only thing that a customer needs to find out is to find the right kind of material in this market to find the right thing to do.

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