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Zahedan Shamsi House

(9 رای)

Shams House or Shamsi House is one of the historical buildings of the Pahlavi era that was built in 1315 AH in Zahedan and is now owned by the Cultural Heritage Organization.

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  • Address : Zahedan, Shariati St., opposite Za'im's home

Shamsi's home is related to the first Pahlavi era and was registered on May 18, 2001 with the number 3824 as one of the national works of Iran.

  • Specific information

    Old Shamsi's house is one of the examples of Yazdi style architecture in the primary library of Zahedan, which has traditional architectural spaces such as vestibule, bathroom, furnishings, crescent shaped vaults, and rooms and warehouses with major materials of mud and mud in granaries and brick in the facade. Or archery.

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