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Zarin Mountain Taleghan protected area

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Zarin-kuh area is located in Taleghan area, which has been protected as protected areas by Decree No. 360 of the High Council of the Environment. It has many plant and animal species, as well as a magnificent landscape and landscape.

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Zarin Kuh Protected Area is located in Alborz province. The western eastern valley of Taleghan is located west of Karaj city and south of the western Alborz. The Zarin Kouh area has been approved by the Supreme Environmental Council (Supreme Council of the Environment), dated 31/31/2013, as a protected area to the areas under the management of the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Specific information

    The mountains of the Taleghan area are connected to the east and the south to the ghost of Aselak and the Caucasus and Nagorno Mountains, and to the north to the mountains of the Takht-e- Soleyman and Zamekh area. The Taleghan River River originates from the slopes of the mountains of the region, and along the east-west path of the lake, it boasts greenery gardens of the region's villages. Town, Taleghan center, is about 90 km from Karaj, the largest settlement in the region. Zarrin Kuh Mountain, with a height of 4200 meters, is one of the highest peaks in the area and is located at the eastern end of the Taleghan valley along the southern ridge of Takht-e-Solomon.
  • Outlook

    Among the species of wildlife in the Zarrin Mountain area, you can find mountain goats, brown bears, leopards, black ears, wolves, boars, jackals, foxes, rabbits ... and birds of prey to the birds of prey, Quebec , Duckling and ... from reptile species to the types of lizards, snakes, turtles, etc. from the amphibian species and the frogs, and from the species of fish can be whitefish, Zardapar, Ghezel Alaw .. . Named.
  • More Info

    Mount Zarin Kohh located at the end of the eastern-western valley of Taleghan with an elevation of 4198 meters, the summit peaks in the south and Takht-e-Solomon and Kalam Mountain in the north. Zarrin Kuh is also known along the southern ridge of the Takht-e Soleyman area, called sand-chal and tombstone. From the northwest to Mount Sializ with a height of 3975 m.
  • Source

    Environmental Watch website

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