Zoo and Garden of Birds of Baghlarbaghi

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Zoo and Garden of Birds of Baghlarbaghi collection is one of the best recreational facilities of this recreation complex and indeed the main zoo in Tabriz, where the largest number of wildlife is kept in Tabriz. If you are interested in wildlife and animals, do not miss the visit to Baghlarbaghi Gardens Zoo.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Tabriz - Shahriar Blvd - Baghlar Baghi Park.

The zoo is made for wild animals and wild and domestic animals, adapted to the living conditions of each animal. This zoo is one of the most beautiful zoos and birds garden in the country.

  • Outlook

    Bird Garden: This garden was built at the entrance to the zoo and contains hundreds of species of beautiful birds and lowland locusts in different parts of the world.
    The creeping animals and domestic animals include snakes, turtles and mice.
    The wildlife section is located at the end of the zoo and includes dogs, wolves, hogs, male and female pigs, brown bears, wolves, and so on.
  • Best time

    The entrance doors of the Baghlarbaghi Park open all day at 16 o'clock and close at 24 o'clock and many people use this park for these 8 hours.
  • Must know

    The Park has a restaurant, a buffet and a game room, which you can use at the Zoo.
  • Cons

    Unfortunately, the conditions of keeping these felicitous animals are not only below a certain level, but even very horrible, so that the small cages of large animals such as bear and milk are so much that it can only be solved with solitary confinement It was compared to humans.

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