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kavir Jandagh

(48 رای)

Kavir Jandagh is a desert desert in the west of Jandag city and is one of the most famous deserts of Isfahan province. Kavir Jandag is in fact one of the functions of the city of Khor Weibanbak, which has straits and salt marshes and is located in the Neighborhood of the Ridge Elk. Scattered peatlands and salt marshes are abundant in this area.

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  • Address : Isfahan Province - Khor and Biabanak City - Jandagh

Jandag from the north to the great desert, from the west to the Desert Ridge Jinn and the dynasty of Jandag Mountains, to the south to the deserts around the crust and to the east to the southern margin of the Desert desert. Many people call deserts and deserts of the Egyptian countryside desert Jandag, which is not right.

  • Background information

    Jundag City In the past, on the Shah's route, the caravan route was in Jandagh to Bidestan, and caravans from the south of Iran intending to depart to the Ray and the north of the country before they crossed the desert sea in Jandag.
    Common lands: The existence of dry and sometimes marshy creatures in this area has created beautiful erosion forms that are remarkable in its kind. These pollutants pass through flood flows during rain, and these currents cause erosion and deepening of these problems.
    From the beautiful areas of this area, you can mention Gud Mahmoud. This hollow has a cone-shaped hill formed in a vegetation-free plain with beautiful scenery.
  • Must know

    Access to this area is possible through a dirt road in the west of the city of Jandag, and then on the Kala Sul Jandag. It should be noted that because of the swampy movement of the area in this direction is not recommended without a familiar guide to the area.

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