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Shahrood Valley (Vamgh Abad) Kerman is located along the Dharhthan River and at the end of the northwest of Kerman Province. The river route is located in a beautiful and beautiful valley, and the river's descent from the rocks and rocks has created numerous waterfalls and admirers.

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  • Address : Iran - Kerman - Kerman Roustali Vamgh Abad

The mountain range is about 30 km north of Kerman city. Plains and slopes, rivers, waterfalls and foothills are one of the most important destinations for spending time at Kermani. An area that, in addition to the beauties, is on the upstream paths, especially the climbing routes to the Sim or Mount Gohar peaks, which is one of the most beautiful foothills in the province of Kerman, hosts the pleasant natural effects. The length of the valley is about 5 km and at an average height of 2,200 meters above sea level.

  • Specific information

    Sandhandeh valley (Vamgh Abad) Kerman is the route to the peak of Ghor Kerman with a height of 3218 meters. The village of Vamq Abad and Shengestan is located along the Dārhtman River and at the northern end of the Kuhpayeh region. The River Pass from the village of Shengestan to the sources of the river is located in a beautiful and beautiful valley and the river's descent from the rocks and rocks is numerous cascades. Creates a glamorous language that glorifies the language of every visitor.
    The masses of willow and barberry trees ... on the other side of the beautiful, beautiful and beautiful Beheshti River, have been stolen by birds of prey and beautiful. The green and magical greenery of the dwarfs extends to the distance between Simk and Gohar, which extends along the main spring of the river.
  • Outlook

    Villagers entering the Shengestan valley (Vamq Abad) have enclosed Kerman with fencing and have entered the entrance door to prevent traffic jams. This route is a special road for residents of the upper villages.
  • Recommendation

    : In order to navigate the Shengestan valley (Vamq Abad), Kerman crosses the river a few times and jumps over a rock that has a special excitement is inevitable.
  • Must know

    It is advisable to use the appropriate valley shoe to navigate this valley, although some mountain climbing is also used for upholstery. Two hours later, passing through several beautiful gardens, peach and apricot trees and, of course, peanuts came to the village of Deh Hussein, named after the only inhabitant of Hussein Seifallah. From the village of Deh Hussein, the vegetation changes somewhat and requires the passage between mustard and barberry trees. An hour and a half after the village of Deh Hussein reached the first waterfall in the region. Beautiful waterfall flowing down the top of a steep rock. After the first waterfall, there are two other waterfalls on the route. To visit these two cascades, we have to continue the Strait route, which is a more difficult route because the valley is narrower and its passing is a bit more difficult.

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