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khatir kohe

(5 رای)

khatir kohe  is Village in  60 km north of Mahdishhar County in Semnan province.

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  • Address : Semnan - 60 km from Mahdishahr - village of Khorir Mountain

The climate of the region is mountainous, temperate mountainous. The climate features moderate temperatures with low daily fluctuations, low humidity, sea breeze and local winds, and finally low rainfall in mountainous areas that plummet in most winter and spring, and leads to the emergence of forest at high elevations overlooking the sea. It goes without saying that the amount of rainfall will decrease as much as we get closer to the heights

  • Background information

    The area of Kyrgyz has been sensitive and important for its strategic location throughout history.
  • Specific information

    Due to the formation of the villages of Likudokh on the margin of the great river, the existence of great river water for cultivating and the possibility of better business due to the merchants' traffic and more favorable weather conditions during the cold season along the river. In the past, the people of the region described the villages of the riverbank of Kabir as a mummification, which in the following years became crowded, each of them names that nowadays the villages of the region of Khorrib are known as Kamroud, Barberry valley, Band bin, Pahgalah, Rudbar and Lord.
    _All of the country: mountains of the region of Lighthouse and its neighboring mountains have been operating on a climatic boundary for Mazandaran with the provinces of Semnan and Tehran. The growth of the Mazandaran forests starts from the mountains and continues to the north, attracting the eyes of every visitor in each season. In terms of climatic conditions, the Kyrgyz region is one of the Caspian region of the Caspian Sea and the mountainous areas overlooking the sea.
    Natural and wildlife can be enjoyed from the beautiful forests of Nasum, Darkshah, Varta, Seloush and ... with a wide variety of vegetation and bushy birch, and medicinal plants such as bogs, bears, thyme and wild animals such as gooseberries, bears, leopards, boars and ... named.
    From the pilgrimage sites of Kyrgyzstan, you can mention Imam Zadeh Hamza (as) Rudbar and the tomb of Seyyed Zamaddin, as well as the old Soganfar building with traditional architecture dating back over 300 years in Hosseiniyeh Kamrood. Also from the points of interest, you can see the Kemrood Cascade, the Chaman Springs, Cheshmeh Baghak, the Sightshine Springs, and the Kattlim Tower.
  • Must know

    The area of Lirikouh is located in the central part of the Alborz, which is limited to the north of the city of Savadkuh, south to Semnan, east to the city of Sari (Sangheh city) and from Maghreb to Tehran province (Firoozkooh city).
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