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namnikWaterfall and Abparan

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namnikWaterfall and Abparan  are located in the village of Nordin in Miami district of Shahroud, and are considered as one of the most valuable natural attractions in this village.

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  • Address : Semnan - Shahroud city - Functions of Miami district - Neardin village

Waterfalls and beautiful names of water each year attracts many tourists. Waterfall is located in the southwest of Sarab-e-Tabriz and is located on the great slopes of the Takser mountains and is one of the natural beauty of the region. The waterfall of the Nick village is located in the high mountains of the region and is located in the northwestern part of the village, which has to pass through the village and walk about 30 to 45 minutes.

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    Visiting the beautiful caravansaries along the way like the Miami and Septang Caravanserai (Jahan Abad) and the Mianstad Caravanserai is not a blessing.
    Also, one of the natural and seasonal attractions of the city of Miami is the plain of Shaghayes in the Kalposh district of the city of Miami, Semnan, which occurs in May. The plain of Shaghayegh Kalpakh is located 160 km north of Miami. Its route is such that after passing Semnan towards Mashhad, it reaches the city of Miami to the north and leads to the end of the Kalposh area.
    The growth of the anemones in the fertile plains of the region attracts thousands of visitors every year and tours nature tours from different parts of the country, especially Tehran. From mid-May to early May, the farmland and the plain of the beautiful plains covered with several hectares of shimmering flowers that can be seen from the far side of the red.

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