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  • Mount Shahvar 4000 m

    Mount Shahvar is located in the eastern alborz area and on the border of Semnan province in Golestan. The Shahvar peak is a huge cone, flattened, and merely connects to the other eastern Alborz via the northeast elevation line.

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  • Mount Nero (Nizwar or Nizwa)

    Nero Mount or Nizwar, located in the eastern Alborz region and north of the city of Semnan and the villages of Shahmirzad and Chashem.

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  • Alborz Larkar mountain

    The peak of Lavar is about 3560 meters above sea level in the highlands of northern Tehran and in the mountain range of the resort; this mountain is one of the sources of the river Khan

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  • The Seven-wise Al-Baraz

    The beautiful and magnificent peak of the Seven-Juan on the Chalous road is 40 km from Karaj. From the several paths you can climb the summit, which is referred to below.

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  • Vorousht Alborz

    Voroush peak with a height of 4100 meters is one of the high peaks of the Alborz mountain range located in the central Alborz Mountains in the Light section and on the edge of the Chalus Road.

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  • Shah Alborz

    Shah Alborz is one of the tallest peaks of the Taleghan. It is located on the north side of it, on top of which there are important mountains such as Sayalan Naz and Kahar, Dorfak and Arzhang, and Takht Solayman Mountains. Shah Alborz is located between Taleghan valley and Alamut.

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  • Taleqan Kalle Sang mountain

    Kaleh Sang mountainous area includes a number of peaks and all-stone blacks located in the north of the village of Sohan, Taleghan city, and is considered by climbers.

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  • Mountains 4465 meters

    Mountain is the thousandth highest peak of Kerman, located in the south of this city and in the mountainous part of Rhine. The Mount of Thousand Kerman peak is a single cone that you sailed from the north to the south, to the valley of the Ghahrood River and leads west to the Rask River.

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  • Mountains of Dena

    Dena mountain range with its numerous peaks is considered one of the main climatyas on the Zagros plateau. Among the peaks of the Dena mountain range are Dawa Valley 4350, Karsami 4260, Harawi 4300, Arawi 4310, Mash 4400, Bonn 4250, Heavenly Tower 4435, Mastan 4550, Morgagh 4420 m.

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  • .Pazan Pir Kohkiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad

    The peak of pazan-e-Pir with a height of 4280 m is one of the high mountains of Kohkilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, located on the border of Qashqai district of Isfahan. The old man is located on the southern side of the Dhana Mountains and in the south of Bijan, and is the highest peak in the area.

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  • Kharsang Kooh & Gizno

    kharsang Kooh is located in Tehran province and its name has been used in reference to many of the peaks that rise to the north of the village of Garmabdar

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  • Tochal

    Tochal is a mountain in the Alborz range and a ski resort adjacent to metropolitan Tehran, Iran.

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  • Kholeno mountain

    Kholeno is located in Noor mountains ridgelines a sub division of central Alborz, limited by Karaj-Chaloos road from west, Gachsar-Dizin-Meeygoon road from south, Baladeh road from north and end tips of the ridges from east.

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  • Darabad mountain

    Darabad or Kuh-e Darabad is a 9,072 ft / 2,765 m mountain peak near Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

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  • Shah Alborz

    Shah Alborz is a mountain peak in Alborz range in Iran At an elevation of 4,200 metres.

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  • Palang Chal summits

    Palang-chal summits (3520m) is accessible from Darakeh valley and Palangchal Shelter.

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  • Damavand Mountain

    Mount Damavand is an active volcano which is the highest peak in Iran and the Middle East as well as the highest volcano in Asia

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  • Borj Peak

    On the crest of the ridgeline south of the Kholeno Peaks in the Central Alborz Mountains of northern Iran, you will find two rocky peaks. The north peak is known as Borj.

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  • Hamelon summits

    'Hamlon or Hamelon mount is located in Fasham district, Tehran, Iran.

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  • Lavarak summits

    Lavarak (3560m) is accessible by main Tochal ridge or Imamzade Davood climbing path.

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