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  • Anthropology of Iranshahr

    Iranshahr Museum of Anthropology is located in the city of Farabi Street in the city of Naseri, Iranshahr, and as a local museum, it displays the cultural works of the people of the region.

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  • Holy Qur'an and Etrat Iranshahr

    This museum was created to familiarize you with the valuable Quranic concepts and lifestyle of the Imams, with an emphasis on Islamic values and the unity of Muslims in a place that reminds you of the memory of your Supreme Leader.

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  • Sitan Anthropology Museum (Zabul)

    Sistan Museum of Anthropology is considered one of the most beautiful museums in the province, located in the city of Zabul. At the beginning of the 19th century, the building of the Museum of Anthropology in Sistan was built by the United Kingdom as a consulate for colonial purposes in the region.

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  • Zahedan Post Museum

    Zahedan Post Museum, also known as the Post and Telecommunication Museum, is a comprehensive building that addresses the status of posts from the beginning to the present in Zahedan.

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  • Big Zahedan Museum

    Zahedan Museum, also known as the Regional Museum of Southeast Iran, aims to introduce a comprehensive and complete definition of the region through the introduction of the south-eastern part of Iran in archeological, anthropological, and environmental areas. Offer.

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  • Flourish of Kalpourgan Pottery (Saravan Museum of dust)

    The Kalpourgan Pottery Museum (Saravan Museum of dust) in Sistan and Balouchestan is the only museum of the world's pottery that has survived the seven thousand years and its pottery designs have been unchanged for thousands of years and from generation to generation. Has been transferred

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  • Saravan Local museum

    Saravan Museum is one of the beautiful museums in the province of Sistan and Balouchestan. Its building has been registered in the national works list. The contents of this museum include the history of Balochistan, the way people live their traditions and customs, and the historical, natural and wildlife monuments of the region.

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  • Chabahar Local Museum

    Chabahar Local Museum is one of the museums of Sistan and Balouchestan province that has been formed from prehistoric, historical and contemporary sections. The old building of the Chabahar governorate, which has remained since the Qajar era, is now the location of the local museum of Chabahar.

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  • Museum of War of Khorramshahr

    To the left of Karoon River on Imam Khomeini Boulevard, Khorramshahr, Holy Defense Museum of Khorramshahr. The museum narrates the deadly defense days of the people of Khorramshahr and Warriors in repossession of Khorramshahr and the country's territory from the enemy.

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  • Abadan Museum

    Abadan Museum is one of the oldest Iranian museums that opened in 1338 with a collection of works from our period of prehistoric, historical, and works of the late periods to the Qajar period as well as works by artists from traditional workshops.

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  • Shohada Museum

    Diagonally opposite the US Den of Espionage is the Shohada Museum, which has rolling exhibitions of photographs, usually from the Iran–Iraq War or the 1979 revolution.

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  • The History Museum

    Items displayed in the History Museum pertain to the contemporary history of Iran (the last 200 years) and include dishes and personal belongings of Nasereddin Shah, Kamal-Almolk, etc.

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  • Music Museum

    Music Museum of Tehran is a new-built building located in Tajrish square and its goal is to save old products of various artists.

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  • Abkar Miniatures Museum

    Abkar Miniatures Museum opened in 1994 in Saadabad in the former residence of Leila Pahlavi. It houses a collection of miniature paintings by Clara Abkar (1915-1996).

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  • National Museum of Iran

    The National Museum of Iran is located in Tehran, Iran and it is combination of two buildings which include the Museum of Ancient Iran and the white travertine Museum of the Islamic Era.

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  • Post Museum

    Construction of general post office building, which is a two-floor building with a basement floor, follows a composite German and Persian architecture.

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  • Omidvar Brothers Museum

    The world ethnology Museum of Omidvar Brothers occupies an imposing position at the old entrance gate to the Green Palace of “Pahlavi“ Period.

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  • The Wildlife and Nature Museum

    The museum of wildlife and nature was established by Tehran City Hall in 1988 in order to familiarize people with the cultural and natural legacy and help them realize the importance of protecting the environment and animals.

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  • Glass & Ceramics Museum

    Housed in a beautiful Qajar-era building a short walk north of the National Museum of Iran, the Glass & Ceramics Museum is, like many of its exhibits, small but perfectly formed.

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  • Haft Chenar Wild Life and Natural Museum

    Haft Chenar Wild Life and Natural Museum is considered as historical place of this district which is located in one of the old locals of Bereyanak in a street which has 7 plane trees.

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