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  • Haft Tape Museum

    Haft Tape Museum is an ancient site in the province of Khuzestan, located about 15 km southeast of Shoush. The Seven Hills Museum is a collection of ancient hills, which probably has the city of Tikeni or Ka'bnak of Ilam civilization.

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  • Dezful Museum of Anthropology

    Kornasion Bath is one of the beautiful Qajar architecture buildings in Dezful, located in the center of the Corniche neighborhood and in the northernmost part of the old texture. The Kornasion bath became the Dezful Museum of Anthropology in 2006 and is now visited by tourists.

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  • Hall of Fame Museum and Figures National

    South Khorasan Hall of Fame Museum and Figures National South Khorasan in the oldest building of the mansion world Akbarieh (late Zand) that governmental citadel Amir Alam Khan large "Heshmat al-Molk Alam" is located in a relief images and biography Introduces the celebrities and cooks of the province.

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  • Tabas Museum of Anthropology

    Tabas Museum of Anthropology is located at the end of Emad Malmolkie, known as "Garden Khan", with an area of about 4,400 square meters. At Tabas Museum of Anthropology, a space with an infrastructure of about 600 square meters has been dedicated to displaying the culture and customs of this area from Iran.

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  • Birjand Wildlife Museum

    The Museum of Natural Sciences and History of Birjand, formerly located in Shakatabad Gardens and Mansions, is now being transferred to the Akbarieh Museum of the Grassland and the Museum of Wildlife. In this museum, species of wild or indigenous species are presented in the form of several collections.

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  • Birjand Museum of Anthropology

    The Birjand Museum of Anthropology is located on the ground floor of the central mansion of the World Garden and Akbarieh Mansion, and is a cornerstone of livelihoods, occupations and professions in the southern part of Khorasan, which in the past was notoriously outdated and now outdated. Has been displayed. The objects of the Anthropology Museum of Birjand are about 100 years old.

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  • Museum of Handicrafts and Anthropology

    The Museum of Anthropological Arts has been set up at the Caravanserai House. This inn is also known as the "Robat Shah Abbasi", which is based on the Safavid era and is constructed in a two-portico style. Its architectural spaces include two entrances, an entrance hall, eight rooms, adjoining chambers, and numerous cellars and furnaces.

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  • Museum of Fame and Fame Qa'in

    The Museum of Fame and Fame of Qa'in A collection of life letters, documents, manuscripts, works and works, symbols (national, scientific and literary), tablets and photographs of the scientific, religious and cultural elders of this area. From Iran, it will showcase the land that describes the position and position of these elders in the scientific, religious and cultural communities of Iran and the world.

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  • Karaj Zoology Museum

    Jalal Afshar Museum of Zoology is located at Karaj Agricultural Faculty and is one of the most interesting museums in the province of Alborz for wildlife and animal enthusiasts.

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  • Documentation, Manuscripts and Anthropology Museum of Karaj

    The Museum of Documentation, Manuscripts and Anthropology of Karaj is the first historical museum in Karaj. It is one of the top 12 museums in the country with research, research and activities, and has a research and research center and research center. Cerejd is also. Shoulder and weft weaving more than 100 years old, pork 80 years old, types of cigars and old headdresses, types of belts, pictures of Rijal Qajar period and ancient places of Iran, all and all can be in this museum saw

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  • National Jewelry Museum

    The incomparable "Treasury of the National Jewels", which is open to public, is a collection of the most expensive jewels of the world, collected over centuries.

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  • The Iranian National Museum of Medical Sciences History

    The Iranian National Museum of Medical Sciences History is the first medical museum established in Iran by a joint project between the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences, and Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

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  • Ebrat Museum

    There is nothing subtle about the Iran Ebrat Museum, a one-time prison of the shah`s brutal secret police that now exhibits that brutality with an equal measure of prorevolution propaganda.

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  • Vaziri Caved Museum

    Vaziri Caved Museum is the first private and personal caved museum in Iran which is directed by Prof. Naser Houshmand.

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  • Holy Defense Museum

    Holy Defense Museum is located in Vanak square and its mission is to promote Islamic arts which are related to shining period of holy defense.

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  • Carpet Museum of Iran

    Located in Tehran, beside Laleh Park, and founded in 1976, the Carpet Museum of Iran exhibits a variety of Persian carpets from all over Iran, dating from the 18th century to the present.

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  • The Reza Abbasi Museum

    The Reza Abbasi Museum is located in Seyed Khandan , Tehran, Iran. The museum is named after Reza Abbasi, one of the artists in the Safavid periodThe Reza Abbasi Museum is home to a unique collection of Persian art dating back to the second millennium BC, from both the pre-Islamic and Islamic eras.

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  • Cinema Museum

    Housed in a Qajar-era mansion that includes Iran`s first cinema, the film museum has well-displayed and explained exhibits of equipment, photos and posters from Iran`s century-old movie industry.

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  • Time Museum

    Time Museum presents an interesting and absorbing collection of timekeepers.

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  • Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

    On the western side of Laleh park, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is in a striking concrete modernist building constructed during the shah`s rush to build modern landmarks in the 1970s.

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