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Eco Tourism

  • Suspension bridge Pir taghi Khalkhal

    Pendulum Suspension Bridge has become one of the tourist attractions of Ardebil province, which is located near the part of the Hashtjin district of Khalkhal city. Pigeon is actually the tallest pedestrian bridge in the mountainous region called "Durand Myshkul", passing through it is an exciting recreation for travelers and tourists.

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  • Majolan Khalkhal village

    Ancient village of Mahalan with a warm people is one of the most beautiful villages in the country, which is considered to be Khalkhal, which has a lovely nature and sightseeing attractions.

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  • Latoon Waterfall

    Latoon Waterfall Astara is located in the province of Gilan on the border with Ardabil province and is one of the highest and, at the same time, the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran. Latoon Waterfall is located 15 km to the south of the city of Astara and the city of Lundvill, and the closest village is the village of Koote Koomeh

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  • Moaleman Village

    Moaleman Village is a village in Kaviri, located in Semnan province in Iran.

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  • Ahwen district

    Ahwen district is located about 30 km east of Semnan and 78 km west of Damghan.

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  • Region of Anghoristan

    Cheshmeh Aghverestani Region of Dehkhoda Village Damghan Dam is located in the northernmost part of the valley of Darjeh.

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  • Nature at the seaside

    At the seaside or suburbs of one of the cities of Mahdishhar city in Semnan province. The city of Dzhazin is due to the flow of water of Cheshmeh-e-Rudbar water and the existence of several aqueducts. It has a good development and has some areas of quantitative and qualitative development.

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  • Baneh Kuh

    A sample of tourism in the Baneh Kuh is located north of Garmsar, five kilometers north of Garmsar

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  • Village of Pade Tourism

    Padeh Tourism Village is located 2 km east of Islamabad village (castle of Kharabah) and 4 km north-east of Aradan city and 16 km garmsar.

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  • Rama Tourism Sample Area

    The Rama Sample Tourism Area is located in Garmsar Fifty-Five Northeast. Natural areas of the eye surrounding the village of Rama especially its heights and diverse and rich wildlife are the natural effects of this region.

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  • Rudbar-e Qasran

    Roodbar Qasran, in the suburbs of Tehran, is a beautiful mountainous region with a very fine weather. It is actually one of the districts of Shemiran in north of Tehran.

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  • Barg-e Jahan Village

    The village enjoys cool summers and is therefore used as a recreational village for those living in busy Tehran, especially in summer season.

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  • Leylestan Village

    Leilestan or Leylestan is located at Km 35 of Chaloos Road and possesses beautiful natural scenery.

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  • Dasht-e-Havij

    Dasht-e-Havij or Carrot Plain (2400 meters above sea level) is a scenic area enjoying pleasant weather in north of Afjeh village, about 1 hour drive from Tehran. and then hiking to the plain will take around 3-4 hours

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  • Gachsar village

    Gach Sar (also Romanized as Gach-i-Sar and Getschesar) is a village in Nesa Rural District, Asara District, Karaj County, Alborz Province, Iran.

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  • Kond e Sofla & Olya village

    Kond village is consisted of two parts: Olya and Sofla. Konde Olya village is date back to early islamic period.

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  • Ab’ali village

    Abali village is located in Northeastern Tehran and North of Damavand in a mountainous-valley area in an altitude of 2800 meters above the sea level. Ab’ali has a moderate climate with very cold winters.

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  • Oushan-Fasham

    This area (locally called Oushoun-Fasham) lies in Roudbar-e Qasran District, Shemiranat County. Oushan-Fasham-Meigoun (also called Qasran) is a garden city 25 kilometers north east of Tehran en route Lashkarak Road

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  • Velayat Rud village

    Velayat Rud (Persian: ولايترود‎, also Romanized as Velāyat Rūd; also known as Valātrūdis a village in Nesa Rural District, Asara District, Karaj County, Alborz Province, Iran.

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  • Shahrestanak Village

    "Shahrestanak" dream village called Peak Resort in northern central part of the functions Shahrestanak Karaj with a long history. Tortuous mountain road and etc.

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