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Six thousand Americans seeking trip to Iran (1394/02/08)

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Six thousand Americans are waiting to visit Iran by nine Golden Eagle Danube Expresses in 2015.
Six thousand Americans seeking trip to Iran

The train has already entered Iran twice, but it would come to Iran nine other times. The Golden Eagle Company's manager said that all tickets for Iran were sold out and 45 percent of the passengers are Americans.

The train would start 14-day visits from Budapest, Hungary, and then passes through Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey to arrive in Iran. Then the passengers would visit Zanjan, Yazd, Shirza, Tehran, Kerman and Mashhad cities in a week-long trip.

The train whose design is similar to 1950s designs is equipped with bathrooms and warm water and is fueled with coal. It costs 9 to 15 thousand dollars to visit Iran by the train.

12.000 foreign visitors called for visiting Iran after the train's first arrival in the country.

The train now includes 13 wagons and is able to carry 102 people (65 passengers and 35 crew members).

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