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Tehran prepared for high season (1394/06/21)

An important historical city in the area of modern-day, Tehran, is Iran's largest city and urban area, and the largest city in Western Asia. The Damavand mountain ,located near the city, is the highest mount in Iran's plates.
Tehran prepared for high season

Tehran is preparing to welcome tourists as the high season approaches.

The municipality has prepared the capital with special facilities to welcome this year’s foreign tourists during the high season.

Setting up guiding booths for tourists, exploiting touring taxis within the transportation system, offering Tehran Cards, and initiating nocturnal tours of the city are among the measures taken by the Municipality to facilitate sightseeing for the upcoming season in Tehran.

According to Tehran Municipality, the optimum time needed for visiting Tehran’s tourist attractions is 35 days, a point considered while designing the program.

Source: Unknowniran

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