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Penelope sculptures arrive in Iran (1394/07/01)

The chairman of Iran's National Museum has announced that Penelope sculptures have been delivered to Iran after their four-month show at Milan’s Prada Foundation.
Penelope sculptures arrive in Iran

Jebrael Nokandeh said that, “the 4 Penelope statues entered Iran on Sunday night and they are currently being kept in the National Museum of Iran.”

“It has been planned to exhibit these sculptures next Sunday concurrent with the beginning of Tourism Week at the National Museum with the message of ‘Penelope, platform of peace from Persepolis to Rome’, he added.

 “Since these statues were shown for four months in Italy, their exhibition in Iran will also last for four months,” noted Nokandeh.

“The delivered package consisted of Penelope, the Sculpture of Peace and Faith reminiscent of Persepolis in addition to two sculptures from Vatican and a sculpture from Capitoline Hill, Rome, as the guests,” said chairman of Iran's National Museum.

A character of Homer’s Odyssey, one of the two great epic poems of ancient Greek literature, Penelope is the wife of the protagonist Odysseus (king of Ithaca) and the daughter of Icarius and his wife Eurynome.

She waited twenty years for the final return of her husband from the Trojan War, while she had hard times in refusing marriage proposals from several princes for four years after the fall of Troy. For this reason, she is often regarded as a symbol of connubial fidelity.


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