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Milad Tower displays constellation of ‘rare Iranian artwork’ (1394/07/08)

Mild Tower’s two floors hosts an exhibition of exquisite art work by Iranian craftsmen.
Milad Tower displays constellation of ‘rare Iranian artwork’

Among the notable art work of artistic value is a dining table priced at $ 700,000 a piece; Mehr News Art correspondent reports that 86 craftsmen has collectively displayed 2600 artworks in Milad Tower’s two floors; the report says that however the exhibition attracted little audience and earned little for the organizers and craftsmen.

Organizers however would be happy since the event is the first of its kind in internal decoration; the exhibition also displays handicrafts of inferior origin: furniture, beds and wardrobes, bags and fabrics, and a variety of traditional glass, which would catch the eyes of any uninitiated viewer.

The price is the largest barrier to buying of the artworks. The prices are in US dollars, and for an average citizen, it is quite high converted in domestic currency, Rials. Mostafa Khoshabi, directing manager of Handicrafts Organization Workers Cooperative told Mehr News that the exquisite nature of the items on display made pricing inevitably in foreign currency; “silk rugs, items of spatial concept art, enameled boards are displayed, with an inlay on copper mediocrely priced at $ 45; a traditional glass item would be purchased even in lower prices, merely $ 15,” he added.

The staggering $ 700,000-priced dining table piece was adorned richly by beautiful miniature designs by Rasoul Motamedi, a disciple of great miniature master, Mahmoud Farshchian; the Trade and Industry Organization Pricing Committee reportedly priced every centimeter square of the work at $ 3. The dining table will be displayed in an exhibition in Munich to test its odds for being sold. The table piece depicts in picturesque manner Iran’s history from Median era down to Pahlavi dynasty in six parts.

Mr. Motamedi had once displayed another exquisite furniture piece priced at $ 150,000 in a similar exhibition in Milad Tower. Khoushabi denied the stories that the piece was crafted by an order from an American art lover and collector of exquisite art works; “the piece is unique, but had not been crafted by order of anyone,” he added.


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