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European expert: Iran, land of beautiful tourist sites, unique caves (1394/07/08)

Head of cartography team of international explorers and president of the Balkans Cave Climbing Association Alexi Zhalov said on Wednesday that Iran is land of beautiful and attractive tourist sites and unique caverns.
 European expert: Iran, land of beautiful tourist sites, unique caves

He made the remarks in a meeting to celebrate the end of cartography operation of Karkas (Vulture) Cave.
Concerning my experience in Iran, 'I may say that Iran is a country full of attractions in caverns.'
He said that international cartography team has different experts in the fields of geography, zoology, geology and cavern climbing experts and during our stay in Iran he enjoyed desirable cooperation from Iranian experts.
Zhalov appreciated the Department of Environment of the Khorasan Razavi Province for cooperation with the Balkans team.
He said that the outcome of the researches will be published after examination, making clear that Karkas Cave in the province is unique.
Director General of provincial DoE Hamid Salehi said in the meeting that upon investigations the Karkas Cave is the longest one in Eastern Iran.
Salehi added that the international team had also visited two other caves in the area for cartography.
A group of geologist, paleontologist and zoologist from Bulgaria, Romania and Poland under leadership of Alexi Zhalov accompanying Iranian cave climbers in operation for cartography, research for the living creatures in cave and climate study.
Khorasan Razavi province has 200 caverns.


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